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of the traffic with mike massco. >>> talking about baltimore city, impacted with the water main break from last week. expect tie ups, especially around light street. we will keeping an eye on 895, issues with the long-term construction, that's going to wrap up next month. 895 northbound, they are working on the bridge. by mid august that should be all taken care of. 69 a, ramp towards the westbound, route 372, going to give you problems this morning. we will talk about your traffic, coming up in a little bit. >>> 7 days in the darks one baltimore county community had to deal with. we will have a live report on what they are saying was the problem. and the latest on the timeline, detours and progress of baltimore's light street water main break. you are waking up to what is new in maryland. you nied power, you never know how much you need it until it's gone. june 29th, knocked out power for hundreds of thousands in the area. one community says the thing could have been avoided. linda so is live to explain. these people say this comes down to the trees. >> reporter: that's right. trees on this ro
a man in montgomery and two elderly one in baltimore city and wicomico. let's check in with meteorologist mike match theasco to see how things are going -- mike masco. >> we sit at 70 degrees and a comfortable morning. calm wind and visibility around 10 miles. that's good news. 71 dover. down towards salisbury at 70. you notice the dew points into the 60s and a few 50s towards york. a comfortable morning and we have clear skies overhead. so we will forecast mostliy skies. 94 for the two -- mostly sunny skies. 49 for the -- 94 for around two. let's get the check on the timesaver traffic and remember we have nearly a hundred traffic lights out across the city and surrounding areas. treat each intersection with a dead light and a four way stop. one issue so far this morning we have blocked ramp on 695 inner loop at route 7 in philadelphia road. outside a live look at 695 at 295. clear sailing for now but that's certain to change later this morning. drive times looking like this. 11 minutes about across the board. 695 outer loop from 95 to # 3. and also the outer -- 83 a
in baltimore city closed their doors for good. what it could mean for you as a response time and which companies are staying open a few months more. >> and it may be hot but if you plan to spruce up your lawn we have tips on what to do to mack it look the best on the block. monday morning, thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. hot temperatures out there and lightning overnight. another band of severe weather moving across parts of virginia. and pennsylvania and scattered throughout maryland. behind it could cooler temperatures be in the future? let's check in with meteor will gist mike masco in for lynette what is in store. >> we are hoping cooler temperatures come in. it's going to be lower humidity today. but still some storms popping across the area. look at the houston shoreline getting rocked with storms. ocean city towards dover much of the attered showers and stea showers especially a-- and lightning coming down and that's going to cross along 70s. there could be a localized flash flooding. we have local area roadways in central franklin county or f
that coming up in just a little bit. let's check traffic with baltimore city we are expecting continued delays this morning as light street is closed between east baltimore and lombard street. that's due to last week's water main break. also keeping an eye on long- term construction continuing on 895 northbound between route 2 and frank ford avenue because of bridge repairs and towards parts of 695 between route 1 and 59 minor construction. 695 live shot, pretty good looking commute. the drive times this morning again starting out pretty early. nice commute 23r 9 -- commute from 95 to 83 a 12-minute drive. another check on traffic and weather in a little bit. >>> breaking news at least 11 people are dead fog a -- following a crash in south texas. that happened in the town of goal add 100 -- goal goe lee add in -- goliad. all victims were in the same pickup truck. police are not saying how bad conditions are this morning. >>> it's 4:32. we are getting new information out of aurora colorado. that shooting that killed 12 and injured 58. james holmes sits in solitary confinement and the president
in baltimore city. 895 into the route 2 frank first avenue a slowup due to -- due to constuck and toll plazas -- construction and toll plazas into the fort mchenry along # 5 northbound between toll plaz -- 95 northbound between toll plazas speeds have been knocked down. more construction delays towards the south moving along pennington avenue and ordinance road. you will see sighups due to construction. a live shot shows a -- not a bad looking shot. there's another shotfor you? we will show youch the drive times route 43 -- you. the drive times 95 to 83, 11 minutes and 795 to 95, just about 12 minutes. charley. >>> as masco mention monument street will be closed for a few days more while crews continue to repair the large srchg shoal. b -- searching hole. engineers are using radar technology to see other damage was done to pipes underneath the searching hole. >>> break news some in baltimore county will need a place to stay after a two-alarm fire that started after 2 this morning near the 3600 block of yeno lane. the fire is in randallstown and first called in officially at 2:30. 12 units dam
color. baltimore city, county, you are under that through the remainder of today. i will talk about when the heat wave will break, those details coming up. >>> if you are traveling through the tunnels this morning, construction does continue on 895, no delays. the northbound lanes of 895, clocking in at 58 miles per hour. 95, white marsh, no problems at route ro43, an easy ride in to the city. as we pull up drive times, no problems on the jfx. 11 minutes to downtown east fayette. 695 clear on the outer loop towards 95. that will tick you eleven minutes. eleven minutes from 95 up to 83. >>> breaking news come out of north baltimore, police are investigating a triple shooting. it happened near del reese park. linda so is live this morning from police headquarters with more on what happened. >> reporter: here is what we know so far, police say the shooting happened inside a house. one person is dead, two people taken to the hospital. police repond responded to 5508 at 1:30 when they got there they found two men and one mom shot. one man was taken to shock trauma. investigators were on the s
. >> the city of baltimore continues to deal with water main break. i am hive with reports on what -- i am live with reports on what you need to know to get around the problem. >> a sailor sentenced. he learns his fate today. and on the run, a murder suspect reportedly tries to flee with a parked passenger jet and things go from bad to worst. first, staying cool. it's going to be the name of the game again. brace yourself for another scorcher for the 5th time this summer. we hit 100 degrees yesterday and we are expected to be well above the # 0s today. -- 90s today. good morning it's wednesday thanks for joining us i am megan prinko charley live but mike masco joins us. -- pringle, charlee live but mike masco joins us today. >> if we end and continue the stretch, we will be the hottest. let's talk weather and about yesterday. we hit 100. right now it's 81 degrees. not much of a drop in the temperatures to the overnight and we are continuing to see the temperatures that will soar this afternoon. let's look at temperatures right now. 81 degrees and we have been talking heat indexes and dew point
,000. they are still without power. and much need air-conditioning. most of the people are in baltimore city and in baltimore county. they are the biggest numbers without the power this morning. >>> our outage in d.c. left some riders hiking. take a look at the i video coming in. the green line train lost power monday after waiting in a hot car for another train to come rescue them for about 30 minutes the driver told passengers the rescue train lost power too. that's when people got out of the cars and started walking in the 90-degree heat. the passengers walking to the college park station and people there were concerned that the pregnant and elderly passengers they may be at risk but everyone arrived safely hat college park station. >>> meanwhile in joplin and tuscaloosa some of them are getting new homes. nine homes will be unveiled tomorrow and five in joplin, missouri and four in tuscaloosa, alabama. you'll recall both of those cities affected by major tornadoes last year. >>> news around the nation at least three florida lifeguards are now looking for new jobs after rescuing a drownin
. we have a few problems in baltimore city. we are dealing with the repairs to the water main break. light street is shut down between baltimore and lombard street. you can use hopkins place as an alternate. east baltimore, a huge searching hole. so monument street will be closed between patterson park avenue and wolf street. no problems on 95 through white marsh. it will be clear as you head towards eastern avenue. and heading out to the harrisburg expressway, this is what it looks like in hunt valley at shawan road. nothing to get in your word towards 695. and this is what the beltway looks like in overly lea overrule -- over lea -- overlea. >>> five things to know before you head out the door this morning. new health care coverage for women takes effect tomorrow under the affordable care act. senator barbara mikulski isjoining democrats today to announce the plan. >> the rally at penn state in a parking lot there. a radio program hosting a rally to show support for the football players who decided to remain with the nittany lions amid the sanctions. >>> with the drought situation
up with july 4th fireworks. after last year's outbreak of violence, baltimore city police say they have a new plan to keep the peace. a perimeter fence and bike rack also circle the inner harbor in an effort to control the crowd. police will watch the visitors with cameras also they will watch by helicopter. >> we wish people were adult and would conduct themselves the right way. but when they don't, we will do our jobs. >> police expect more than 200 you to people to flood the inner harbor for the fireworks show and ten times the size of the new year's eve crowd. >>> coming up this morning at a 5:45, we will talk to livefireworks experts. they will tell us about safety tips and what's legal and illegal in the state of maryland and demonstrate how to use fireworks in a safe manner. stick around for that. once again coming up at 5:45. >>> when severe weather strikes, everyone comes in to help out. >> stay with us this morning. people in parts of florida are getting assistance in the aftermath of tropical storm debby from an unlikely place. >> why hundreds are lining upoutside s
:47 right now. and there's a new blueprint for improving the baltimore city police department. the fraternal order of police created a plan to cut crime and taxes. union leaders say that the department needs to enhance recruiting and officer benefits if they want to continue with recent success in cutting violent crime. >> you have an fop here saying we don't need more police. what we need is better policing, a better deployment of the resources and taking better care of the police officers on the street who got the job done for you over the last four, five years. >> wants the department to require new recruits to have completed either two years of college or military service. the union brought in a consulting group and compared the city's police department to those in other major cities to come up with the list of recommendations. >>> hundreds of public service workers in scranton, pennsylvania including the mayor have now cut their pay to minimum wage. the mayor went against the court order when he slashed the wages. he says the city had no choice with a $16 million deficit and simply can'
to loren cook, she has a check of the traffic. >>> breaking news in baltimore city, there is a house fire onlinwood at fayette street. if you are traveling in the area, stick with lakewood as your alternate route. no problems to tell you about on 95, nice and clear, heading towards 495, towards the tunnel. harrisburg expressway, hunt valley, everything up to speed. once you get onto the beltway, here is what it looks like. bel air, 11 minutes from 95 to 83. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. >>> new video of angry passengers at an airport in dallas, texas. they had to make an emergency landing after a cease disruption on their flight. ñ' >>> five things you need to know on this tuesday morning. leaders from maryland food bank and at&t will open a new network enhancing connectivity, allowing the staff to be in contact with one another throughout the workday. >>> stephanie rawlings blake is joining notre dame helping kick off the national cancer prevention study, the american cancer society is looking for volunteers to help researchers understand the genetic environmental an
announced his retirement in may. a baltimore city firefighter is suspended without pay this morning after being arrested in connection with a prostitution ring. police say 29-year-old ja mar simmons along with 34-year-old franklin colt is in custody following that bufd. officers executed a search warrant at a house on south pulaski street in south baltimore earlier this week. inside they found evidence of a prostitution ring. local experts in human trafficking say they're not at all surprised one of the alleged pimps is a firefighter. >> one of the best ways for criminals to operate is to have a daytime persona that seems legitimate and then on their off hours, on their down time have this other kind of thing going on. >> police say simmons had a sex trafficking charge in 2010. he received probation before judgment that allowed him to keep his job. >>> no word yet this morning on charges for a deadly cecil county crash. the driver of the car a man from pennsylvania slammed into charlotte buoy as she was getting her mail. buoy died at the scene. >>> a new warning for parents out there us
at the intend sea, air and space museum in new york city. >>> and another attraction in baltimore the historic mansion house at the maryland zoo reopens today. built in 1801 the house has been a home to a restaurant, a day school and to bird. it opens tonight at 5:30. >>> can you buy local? that's the challenge and it starts on saturday. today governor o'malley is hosting a buy local cookout at government house. so this is basically what you're encouraged to do. use one locally bought product for each of your meals. >>> and check this out. a piece of toast now going in the auction block in london. looks -- okay. but this is not just any normal piece of toast. it was served to prince charles the morning of his wedding to princess diana 1981. it's expected to fetch around $800. i think the obvious question guys this morning if you're watching at home is why? >> why. >> i'd pay $1,000. >> of course you would. >> $2,000. >> our facebook question something to think about this morning. whose toast would you buy? let us know and weigh in on facebook. >> not that piece of toast. >> lauren cook is here
. because of the temperatures, the code red heat alert has been extended through tuesday. baltimore mayor passed out ice in a community trying to help in the heat. the community action program will operate five centers around the city, the centers will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., each will have cool air and free water. the health department's office of aging and care services will offer 6 additional centers on a code red heat alert day. the health department recommends that you remember to drink plenty of water or juice. avoid alcohol and caffeine, wear light colored clothing. remember to check on senior citizens and you can call 311 with a heat related medical emergency and log on to abc2news.com for a complete list of the cooling centers. that story is listed on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> in the midst of the weather, news to help you cool down, july is national ice cream month and a good excuse to head to the nearest ice cream shop to help clear down. today 42 baltimore county public scales will be closed -- schools will be closed. teachers are already in th
inhumanity. >> pay phones in new york city are. [audio not understandable] >> as we go to break a live look down at federal hill in baltimore. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. we are back in a bit. ñ' >>> five things to know about on this friday morning. a judge will hear oral arguments on both sides of the lawsuit stemming from the bp oil spill of 2010. workers claimed they were sickened by the chemicals used to clean up oil. >>> vince gray speaks to the media today about calls for his resignation and the investigation into his 2010 campaign. he is accused of use more than $650,000 in illegal funds to win the election. >>> and lieutenant governor anthony brown presides over the largest ever state trooper graduation. it's the largest crass in the 91 year history of the academy. >>> ray rice holds an antibullying event tonight in columbia. the goal of the event is to raise awareness about bullying in schools and teen suicide. gates open at 6. >>> starbucks is breaking ground on the newest u.s. manufacturing plant in augusta georgia. they will be the first ever company owned faci
. >> things seem quiet. >> i missed the big sink hole in baltimore last week. it shuts down east monument, between wolf and patterson park avenue. stick with orleans. no problems to report on the jfx in to the city and beltway. nice and clear all the way around. >> speaking of color and the sun, the temperatures were great to do it and do it safely of course. >> we will be able to do a little bit of it today. sun and clouds mixing in. don't let the seasonable temperatures fool you. we will have a little bit of humidity. dew points in the 60s in baltimore right now. it is humid. more of the same heading over to frederick and york. 70 dc and more of the same in salisbury in terms of the humidity, check out the temperatures, 71 degrees aberdeen. 72 gwen oak. >>> today there will be changes to the roads in downtown baltimore. construction begins to transform the roads in to high speed raceways for the coming grand prix. linda so is live downtown with a preview of what people can expect and how it could be affecting their commute today. >> reporter: the hope is it won't affect your commute, ra
to fredricksburg. >>> one of the many clothing manufacturers in baltimore getting a visit from ben carden. he'll talk about the need to keep more jobs here in the u.s. >>> spend the day at ocean city today to help the dolphins. this is done every single year to see how well dolphins are reproducing and get a feel of the overall health of the ocean. you can count the dolphins along the beach. this is happening at 40th street. >>> the holy month of ramadan begins today. it is the holiest period of the islamic year. muslims may not eat or drink during daylight hours. >>> a lot to talk about as far as the weather goes. mike has going to update us on that, but, first, traffic because lauren cook is here to get you out the door safely this morning. >>reporter: unfortunately the weather is going to really have an impact on your commute this morning. we've got a downed tree in anne arundel county, that's going to be right in pasadena on magadispl ee bridge road. a lot of standing water on the jfx. if you are traveling on 83 this morning, do be extra careful. we, of course, are dealing with art sca
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